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Low Testosterone Treatment in Dallas, TX

If you've noticed the symptoms below in yourself or a loved one, you may be dealing with low testosterone, a serious condition that has been known to increase the risk of mortality. Low testosterone, also called hypogonadism, effects millions of men in America, many of whom dismiss their symptoms as a natural part of aging.

Though it is natural for aging men to have slightly reduced levels of testosterone, it is not normal for a man to experience a precipitous decline in testosterone. Those who have experienced such a drop in their testosterone should consult a doctor to confirm their condition and to see if they are a candidate for low t treatment, also known as testosterone replacement therapy. In most cases testosterone deficient men find that testosterone replacement therapy effectively raises their levels and reverses the symptoms associated with hypogonadism.

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Low Testosterone Symptoms


Lessened Libido

Low testosterone can lead to a reduced sex drive in men.


Energy Decrease

Men with low testosterone have reported feeling sluggish.

Less Concentration

Low testosterone levels can make concentrating become difficult.


General Irritability

Men with low testosterone are often easily agitated.

Muscle Tone Loss

Testosterone deficiency can lead to a decrease in muscle tone.


Body Fat Increase

Men with Low T have experienced weight gain and an increase in belly fat.



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